CodeGarden 2014

Embrace, Extend & Enrich: The Analytics for Umbraco story

July 01, 2014

Warren Buckley // Cogworks

During this session Warren will demonstrate how he developed the recent ‘Analytics for Umbraco’ package and how writing custom applications for your clients can make them happy content editors, which in turn makes us a happy dev's!

He will take you through the various components contained in the package and discuss the challenges he faced and mistakes he made on his V7 journey so far. Hopefully helping you to avoid making the same mistakes yourself!

The session will provide a nice balance between technical implementation & actual use-case scenarios as Warren breaks apart the Analytics package and demonstrates how can write your own property editors & custom sections in V7, to deliver great business value to your own clients. 

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Kate November 27, 2018 08:17 AM Delete

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Warren Buckley July 01, 2014 12:35 PM Delete

For anyone interested I have posted an associated blog post here about my talk & about becoming Umbraco digital Crafstmen -

If you are interested in my slide deck they can be found online here -

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