CodeGarden 2014

The Secret to Getting Paid for Your Open Source Project

July 03, 2014

Anne-Marie Faiola // Bramble Barry Making Supplies

What was your most recent brilliant idea?  Have you fantasized about having the time and the freedom to build that project you've been talking about?  Perhaps it's a web app, Umbraco package, or beer drinking game that everyone's going to love.  What is the one thing you wish you could do?  There just may be a way to keep your doors open for business and to work on that pet project.

With a non-developer, non-designer perspective, Anne-Marie, who is soon to be an Umbraco client, will be speaking about her experience as an open source project sponsor.  Even better, the project is scheduled for completion later this year, so she's right in the middle of it.  She'll give you the skinny on what convinced her that Open Source was worth the investment, steps she took to mitigate risk and how she keeps tabs on progress. 

The success of Umbraco is all about you, the community - and your drive to take open source projects to the next level. Use this time to find answers to your nagging questions, and consider what possibilities await you. 

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