CodeGarden 2014

The sky is the limit

June 30, 2014
Antoine Giraud and Leandro Benitez // Lecoati
During our session we are going to present a set of Umbraco 7 packages we have created to revolutionize the content creation and editing experience. We have imagined and developed a new way to manage and create amazing websites in a few short steps with Umbraco. Umbraco is already the best and friendliest CMS in the market; we have hand-picked the best ingredients and packaged them together, offering on the fly, à la carte, content creation. We will showcase how easily this kit allows a website’s content to be created and customized in just a few clicks, and how dynamic the resulting content can be, pushing the limits of imagination. We will discuss how we carried out this project and how these tools fit like a glove with Umbraco. We will also discuss what we are expecting from the project and which are the commercial values it adds to Umbraco.

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Abby Schlink October 01, 2018 07:55 AM Delete

The sky is in the limit was an article which also has a picture that was about same topic this was good to know about this. I had assignment from my easy assign me from my college so I want to hire a writer for an essay so I contact with many companies that working in this city for this.

Anton June 30, 2014 01:39 PM Delete

Hi Guys

Great Presentation

Please can you provide me with more information about the packages

You say it is in U 7.2 but I cant seem to find it


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