CodeGarden 2014

Core Internals for Website Development

June 24, 2014

Stéphane Gay

The Session

Spring '14: Umbraco is Belle and beautiful, can smell it in the air, flowers everywhere and crazy new packages that just raise content creation and editing to new heights. Yet down under, in the dirty and smelly machine room, obstinate dwarfs have also been at work all winter to architect, refactor, improve and extend the engine that powers it all.

Not everything has surfaced, though. Maybe because it just works, or due to a lack of documentation, or because it's all internal at the moment and you don't even know it's there: yep, that complex work-around you're working on might very well almost exist already in Core!

This session focuses on some of the new or modified components of Core that impact the front-end part of a website. Starting from real-life challenges such as "how can I customize my urls", it details how Core's internals work, and the various solutions it can propose.

Come hear about PublishedContentRequest, content finders and "not found" handlers, IPublishedContent and the content cache, property value converters, ways to navigate the content tree and the status of strongly-typed content, MVC views models and more. Learn how it works and become more efficient at using it! 

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