Umbraco UK Festival

Umbraco UK Festival - Alex Norcliffe

October 22, 2010 umbukfest
Progress of Umbraco 5

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Anthony Candaele November 18, 2010 12:05 PM Delete

Where is the video?

Alex Norcliffe October 22, 2010 11:43 AM Delete

Hi everyone, thanks for coming to watch the vid. Apologies that if you get to the end, you'll see I didn't repeat the questions. Normally I do but the room acoustics seemed fine enough not to need it, however I totally forgot about the video recording. Here are the questions which got asked:

1) Will Umbraco 5 make it any easier to do continuous integration?
2) Do the patterns that you're using improve testability?
3) How did you solve the problem of needing different third-party editors for different fields in MVC?
4) Having everything boiling down to a grain of sand, this IEntity, will it make it really chatty going to the database?
5) With the provider pattern does that mean you could write an Umbraco 4 provider for Umbraco 5?

Thanks and hope you enjoy the vid!

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