Umbraco UK Festival

Umbraco UK Festival - Matt Brailsford

October 21, 2010 umbukfest
Umbraco & nopCommerce

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jnux February 24, 2011 04:07 PM Delete

Hi, i want to integrate an aplication ASP .NET MVC 3.0 with Umbraco 4. Please, help me.

I read the following link, but I have not given results

I would like to help me with a step by step or something.

Carlos Casalicchio January 25, 2011 11:28 PM Delete


First of all, that was a great video, I've been working on having umbraco and nopCommerce together but they're still physically separated by Virtual Directories.
In the web.config I've used the to remove conflicts between the two solutions and that has worked well for me so far. I was extremely interested in your solution but was completely overwhelmed by the amount of information I don't have (being new to umbraco) like the appTree in the database and so forth.

I can see why making a package for this is not currently feasible but it would be certainly a great package to install. While watching the video I had a few comments and wondered if you could humor me for a bit:
- The web.config integration seems to be the worst step (as it requires attention to several details). What if the umbraco web.config had a reference to a nopCommerce.config so that no copying over is required?
- If the global.asax for umbraco is actually blank a package could simply rename it during a package install?
- Using the same database for both nopCommerce and umbraco could be an issue if either portions grow in traffic. Wouldn't it be better to split the two? I'm guessing this is a matter of taste and not of actual technical requirement, but thought of asking anyway.
- On the same topic of the database. If installing on the same database of umbraco how does the login (membership providers) work? Is umbraco superseding the nopcommerce user schema? So, basically any user created in the nopCommerce solution will have to be re-created in the umbraco solution? Or, does your solution integrate the membership as well?
- Is it possible to make available a package with instructions and the resources you had for the integration? Or, even though you don't claim your integration is stable enough to be published in a live environment, one can still use it and mess with it and try to make it into a package?

Matt Brailsford November 04, 2010 07:54 PM Delete

Hey Simon.

The SitemapAppTree has been released as a dll you can include in your project (it's not an actual package, as you need to set it up specific to your implementation, but the video shows how to do this)



Simon Dingley October 26, 2010 07:30 AM Delete

I like the idea of a sitemap provider providing the contents of the app tree - definitely something to consider releasing as a package as I can see that having uses other than just for nopCommerce! Good job.

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