CodeGarden 2013

Responsive Imaging

February 07, 2014
Images are a time-consuming part of content management. How can we improve this while supporting an ever-growing range of devices? How do we gain agility while offering even more image variants? 
Image management doesn't have to be hard. We will examine packages, techniques, and libraries that can simplify your workflow.
Even with messy photo collections of varying aspect ratios, there are easy ways to implement image galleries, light-boxes, slideshows, and Pinterest-style layouts.
How should you handle exponential growth of media assets? How do you transition to blob storage and a CDN? 
As websites grow more image-heavy each year, how can we leverage new formats like WebP and JPEG XR to cut bandwidth costs and delays?
And last, how can we provide future-proof responsive images *today*?

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mohit4sona March 22, 2019 12:09 PM Delete

Nice vide of responsive imaging

Travers March 16, 2019 03:55 AM Delete

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