CodeGarden 2013

Be your own client and change the way you work forever

August 21, 2013

We all think we know how a shopping cart should work, we all think we know what is best for our clients. But what can you really know until you’ve had a go yourself.

Cutting Edge Knives is an on-going project selling high end kitchen knives that was bootstrapped by the team at Offroadcode. We became the client while also being the developer, a rare mix indeed. Only by being a client did we see some of the bottle necks, issues and opportunities of a long running site from both side of the fence. As the developers we could balance up what to fix, what to change and what to put up with. 2 years in and our experiences have changed the way we work with our other clients, what we focus on, what we deliver and how.

A nice mix of business, code, design, tracking, best practise and hopefully some laughs at the expense of customs officials. Bring a beer and get comfy.

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