CodeGarden 2011

Deep dive into the Jupiter architecture

June 22, 2011 Architecture, CG11, Umbraco, V5
Alex Norcliffe talks about version 5 of Umbraco's architecture

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ClintWelch November 16, 2018 08:46 AM Delete

I have many doubts on this Jupitar architecture. In, I have gotten this video link. I really like the way you have explained about it.

anatoliy February 15, 2012 06:25 AM Delete

strange video:
the men have asked question, which haven't answered.
the lector is jumping from one sort of information to other. he is trying to explain everything and to deep, but unfortunately he is forgoing main "reason". in result : "bla-bla-bla" no exact explanations, no clear explanation.

Have been disappointed of this.

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