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Tea Commerce - E-commerce made easy

April 05, 2011
Tea Commerce is a strong lightweight e-commerce system for Umbraco - which provides the necessary tools to easily implement an e-commerce solution. The main focus of Tea Commerce lies on the front-end developer. Everything can be done with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XSLT/Razor, while it's still possible to extend your e-commerce through .NET.

This session will show you what Tea Commerce is all about, what it looks like and how easy it is getting started with an e-commerce solution built with Umbraco and Tea Commerce. Using the Tea Commerce starter kit as a foundation, Anders will show how Tea Commerce integrates with Umbraco, how to extend the webshop with new functionality and a walkthrough of the powerful JavaScript API.

Throughout his career, Anders has worked with various content management systems. He has chosen to specialize in Umbraco because of its strong foundation, flexibility and extensibility - all of which made Tea Commerce possible. Anders has surfed the Umbraco wave since version 3.0.3 and has never looked back. With his experience in configuring and developing e-commerce solutions he knows what is required of a good e-commerce system. This expertise and his passion for Umbraco created the idea for Tea Commerce.

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