Umbraco BE Festival

Niels Hartvig - Umbraco BE Festival Keynote

April 05, 2011
Join me for a ride down memory lane to understand where Umbraco came from and why and where we're heading today. A good combo of awful looking screenshots of the early Umbraco UI, the horrible first db schemas and all the way to some exclusive things to be unvealed at this wonderful day.

Niels Hartvig is the founder of Umbraco project and have been working on it since 2003. Since 2008 he's been in charge of Umbraco HQ, the corporate entity behind the project proudly employing five people working on evangelizing the project, enhancing the core all while trying to build add-ons to finance it all.

Despite the core team would love to see him stop making weird commits, he's still able to scare the core team to death when he opens Visual Studio (even though he claims he has become a better coder throughout the years).

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