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Sebastiaan Janssen (Cultiv Web Development): Powered by razor

April 04, 2011
The Razor view engine for ASP.NET is now built into Umbraco and provides the first viable alternative to XSLT macro's. It's safe to say that Razor is the future of macro development in Umbraco. No more need to learn XSLT: your average .net developer can just use C# (or VB, if they must) and get intellisense in Visual Studio. No more need to do explicit compiles of your source code, no more having to use XSLT "tricks" that are hard to find: just look up how you would do it in .net and write it. In this talk you'll be shown tips & tricks and an overview of the helpers that are built into Umbraco. If you care about being very productive with Umbraco, you will not want to miss this.

Sebastiaan Janssen has been using content management systems for over a decade, but never with as much pleasure as with Umbraco now. He loves the web and does freelance work for his company Cultiv Web Development and works for WVD Media. He became an Umbraco enthousiast 2 years ago after working with it for a few evenings and comparing it to the systems he was used to working with. A few months later, a job opportunity came about where he would be able to work with only Umbraco. He jumped at the oppertunity and has been an Umbracoholic ever since.

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