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Alex Norcliffe - Umbraco 5: the story so far

April 04, 2011
Umbraco 5 is going to become the Umbraco you know and love on the outside, with a leaner body on the inside. In this reasonably techie talk I'll go through some of the architecture choices, and I'm sure at one or two points there'll be Visual Studio and a browser up on screen to show everyone progress so far. It's early days so we'll be looking at the concepts in progress, but Umbraco 5 will be pluggable to the nth degree, so this talk will give a bit of insight into where things are headed and how we're going to get there. For anyone interested in how we maintain a global team I'll also give a quick insight into how we organise the project and explain about some of the upcoming milestones for the rest of 2010.

Alex Norcliffe (aka BoxBinary) has either been designing or implementing WCM systems since 2000, in Classic ASP at first and then .NET from the heady days of 1.0 in 2002. He joined the Umbraco Core two years ago in 2008 whilst his development team at Condé Nast were busy putting Wired onto Umbraco. A few years down the line he's now taken the reigns as Lead Architect for v5, working as part of the Umbraco HQ and Core teams. Alex brings experience from running a wide gamut of sites - from et al totalling millions of pageviews per day, to consultancy for large sites by Xeed and Wunderman, to his own blog which gets at least seven hits per week.

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