CodeGarden 2014

Going native with Umbraco and Phonegap

June 26, 2014

Theo Paraskevopoulos / Grow Create

Mobile-optimized web design does not solve all problems, and sometimes a native app is the way to go. The good news is that apps can be created with standard web development tools and Umbraco.

In this session, I will take a responsive Umbraco 7 website, prep it up and convert it to a native app with Phonegap. Attendees can then install it on their Android and iOS devices, in real time.

In the process, I will introduce Phonegap and code up a REST API for Umbraco content and navigation. I will talk about why I avoid jQuery Mobile, and use alternatives which are flexible as well as easy-to-use. Finally, I will touch on the notoriously fussy processes associated with testing, debugging and releasing to App Stores.

The subject matter is not exactly revolutionary, but things are moving fast. My approach builds on personal experience, based on very recent projects and I am sure the community will find useful.

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The post presents Going native with Umbraco and Phonegap. The content reveals that Mobile-optimized web design does not resolve every problem, and at times, a native app is the means to follow. The fine news is that apps can be formed with standard web development tools and Umbraco.

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