CodeGarden 2014

40+ different high traffic sites from a single Umbraco installation

June 20, 2014
Alex Bailes and Jiri Banas / Countrywide

This session is of interest to anyone who is thinking of scaling up their Umbraco offerings using the concepts of shared and bespoke content on a single Umbraco installation.

We will explore the mysteries of load balancing high traffic Umbraco websites, as well as moving changes across development, staging and production environments, using Umbraco Courier and out of the box components.

We will share with you the various implementation challenges we have faced when migrating from our in house build .NET platform onto CMS, and describe how we effectively created a scalable Umbraco powered web front end communicating with a large back end application server.

Examples of our Umbraco-powered sites: and

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