CodeGarden 2013

Building Javascript applications on Umbraco

February 07, 2014

Today, more than ever, websites is about creating an experience for the users. With large images to load, more smartphone users and more and more content, the need for lightweight ajax is what can transform a good website into a GREAT website.

Creating Tea Commerce 2 (e-commerce package for Umbraco) has given me the time and opportunity to explore new and easy ways of creating a solid ajax API using Umbraco. The three keywords have been simplicity, browser compatibility and no javascript fallback.

This session will be a walkthrough of the principle of Umbraco base and building a JavaScript API for Umbraco. You will see how easy it is to get a simple JavaScript API up and running. Then I’ll dive into a practical example writing a functional piece of code. The example will include HTML, JavaScript ajax using jQuery, JSON and .NET REST extensions using Umbraco /base. At the end we will extend the example with more advanced features.

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