CodeGarden 2013

Umbraco can save your life

February 07, 2014
This is the story about anyone of us going to the hospital for an emergency. The doctor is really busy and in just a couple of seconds has to think of a wide range of possible medical paths to get to a conclusion of your status. But don´t worry, he picks up his tablet and runs the MIND system, where he inserts all of your symptoms and analysis data, so in an instant he has on screen every possible sickness that you might have. No data will be lost, everything will be taken in account.

The power of Mind lies in the backend based on C# while the beauty comes from the frontend developed with MVC in Umbraco.
The heart of the system is the database. For every important system-element an own customer section with its own edit- and create- elements was implemented. One example is the Patient-Section containing every single patient with their patient facts.

This is a story about a cruel sickness, standard medical paths too complicated to link to one another and how one of the heroes at byte5 uses Umbraco to save the situation and maybe, one day your life (IRL).

This is the MIND system, and this is its story.

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