CodeGarden 2015

Beyond the web

June 22, 2015

We all use Umbraco as a website Content Management System. We use it to manage content in various formats and we deliver beautifully crafted HTML templates that our users view through a web browser. Furthermore we have a great UI, a hierarchal data structure and the ability to deliver the output from our templates in a super snappy fashion.

Now let’s just step back a bit. The only tie-in we have to the "world wide web" is that the templates we deliver have a content-type set to "TEXT/HTML" - and we can change this quite easily! So why restrict Umbraco to just website content delivery?

What if we thought of our users as “clients” (as in a 'client / server’) and not just people sat in front of computers and mobile devices, but servers, proxies and services too. 
This talk explores the use of Umbraco as a content management system, but not just as a system to manage websites - we explore how we can use it to manage content that powers telecommunications systems, services and apps, with some fun demo’s along the way.

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