CodeGarden 2015

Building a global platform to deliver human rights change for Amnesty International

June 22, 2015

Code Computerlove recently worked with charity Amnesty International to totally redevelop their global website. It was a particularly exciting project creating a website that could contribute to human rights change at an international level, whilst delivering a solution that could support the organisation on its journey towards digital transformation. 

In this session, we’ll be discussing how and why we chose Umbraco to help us meet Amnesty’s requirements and how we turned the first development stage of the project round in the space of just 12 weeks.

Topics include:

  • Our approach to website instance scaling using Azure and some of the lessons we learned about how best to implement Umbraco on this platform.
  • Our approach to multi-lingual content. The Amnesty site needed to be fully multi-lingual in 4 languages including Arabic with certain content in selected languages. We delivered a 1-to-1 multilingual site using the Vorto package.
  • How we delivered a suite of flexible templates and components to support Amnesty’s powerful photo-journalism and campaigning. We needed to develop a creative solution that would do justice to Amnesty’ amazing content across device and bandwidth. Allowing editors around the globe to be able to tell the story of what’s happening on the ground at the click of a button.

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