CodeGarden 2014

CodeGarden 2014

40+ different high traffic sites from a single...

3,918 views June 12, 2014

Alex Bailes and Jiri Banas / Countrywide This session is of interest to anyone who is thinking of...

CodeGarden 2014

Master the Service APIs

2,486 views June 12, 2014

By Morten Christensen / Umbraco HQ Since version 6 of Umbraco the Core has gotten a bunch of new...

CodeGarden 2014

The Dark side of The Moon

2,359 views June 11, 2014

By Marc Stöcker / Mindrevolution Marc's session will focus on the user experience within the...

CodeGarden 2014

Why CMS is a core part of the Future of Retail

2,145 views June 11, 2014

By Martin Frederiksen / Klean Technology and changes in consumer behavior is changing retail...

CodeGarden 2014

Our First Umbraco 7 Build

2,889 views June 11, 2014

A detailed walkthrough of our experience building our new corporate website on Umbraco 7