CodeGarden 2013

CodeGarden 2013

From customer need to Umbraco setup

2,362 views June 18, 2013

Building a homepage is not about coding, it´s about letting your customer’s business meet their...

CodeGarden 2013

Building websites content editors will love to use

4,286 views June 18, 2013

You make TWO sites every time you build a site in Umbraco: one for website visitors, and one for...

CodeGarden 2013

Responsive Imaging

5,462 views June 18, 2013

Images are a time-consuming part of content management. How can we improve this while supporting...

CodeGarden 2013

Umbraco can save your life

2,028 views June 18, 2013

This is the story about anyone of us going to the hospital for an emergency. The doctor is really...

CodeGarden 2013

Getting the most out of Razor

2,900 views June 18, 2013

How to get the most out of Razor, showing both good practices for larger maintainable sites as...

CodeGarden 2013

Learning’s from the corporate world: Stocks...

1,958 views June 19, 2013

If we had to start it all again, what would be the tips and tricks that we've learned over the...

CodeGarden 2013

Building Javascript applications on Umbraco

7,530 views June 19, 2013

Today, more than ever, websites is about creating an experience for the users. With large images...

CodeGarden 2013

Migrating Ublogsy to Umbraco 6

2,465 views June 19, 2013

Anthony Dang, from Umbraco Gold Partner: The Cogworks in the UK, and the man behind a ton of...

CodeGarden 2013

Handling 22 million visits - Redbull Stratos

3,681 views June 18, 2013

On 14th October, the Red Bull Stratos jump happened. As well as breaking world records for the...

CodeGarden 2013

Be your own client and change the way you work...

2,419 views June 17, 2013

We all think we know how a shopping cart should work, we all think we know what is best for our...