CodeGarden 2010

CodeGarden 2010

Keynote - Codegarden 2010

1,343 views August 04, 2010

Featuring Niels Hartvig, Per Ploug Hansen, Aaron Powell and Shannon Deminick

CodeGarden 2010

CodeGarden '10: Web Search With Examine

1,688 views June 29, 2010

Join core team developer Shannon Deminick on a tour around the new awesome search engine for...

CodeGarden 2010

I've installed Umbraco - now what?

1,027 views October 11, 2010

Bob Baty-Barr and Douglas Robar talks about how to get started with Umbraco. Sorry about the...

CodeGarden 2010

Integrating a 3rd party service with the...

1,045 views August 05, 2010

Morten Christensen - the guy behind the Google Analytics package - talks about his experience...

CodeGarden 2010

Crowdsourcing via Facebook

1,011 views August 04, 2010

René Pjengaard and Anders Stentebjerg: Why make the content yourself, if you can get your users...

CodeGarden 2010

Chriztian Steinmeier - XSLT beyond for-each

1,457 views August 04, 2010

In this video Chriztian will show you how XSLT is to be done when practiced the right way. An...

CodeGarden 2010

Aaron Powell - Unit Testing

1,909 views August 04, 2010

From Aaron Powells presentation at Umbraco CodeGarden 10 on Unit Testing in Umbraco. Sorry for...