CodeGarden 2012

CodeGarden 2012

Case Studies - Eksponent

3,498 views June 16, 2012

Mads Levring Krohn from Eksponent demos some Umbraco case studies

CodeGarden 2012

Case Studies - NoZebra

3,717 views June 16, 2012

Jacob Westhausen from No Zebra demos some Umbraco case studies

CodeGarden 2012

The Contour Show

2,286 views June 16, 2012

Tim Geyssens shows you how to add forms to you umbraco sites using Contour

CodeGarden 2012

The Ultimate Deployment with Courier

4,362 views June 16, 2012

Sebastiaan Janssen and Per Ploug talks about Teamcity and Courier for an ultimate deployment for...

CodeGarden 2012

E-Commerce Showdown

2,636 views June 17, 2012

We have the following e-commerce solutions presenting in the showdown: Søren Spelling Lund from...

CodeGarden 2012

The Future of Our

2,759 views June 17, 2012

Per Ploug from the Umbraco HQ present the ideas for the future of the community website...

CodeGarden 2012


2,307 views June 16, 2012

Lee Kelleher from uComponents talks about the popular Umbraco project

CodeGarden 2012

Power Dev - Coding Nerdvana With ReSharper

2,245 views June 16, 2012

Coding Nerdvana With ReSharper with Soren Spelling Lund

CodeGarden 2012

Power Dev - Fluent Automation

2,660 views June 16, 2012

Per Ploug takes you through a session on Fluent Automation

CodeGarden 2012

Power Dev - Nuget

2,019 views June 16, 2012

Morten Christensen talks about the packaging platform Nuget

CodeGarden 2012

Razor for Everyone - Intro to Razor

2,803 views June 16, 2012

Gareth Evans gives an introduction to using Razor with Umbraco

CodeGarden 2012

Introducing Concorde

2,863 views June 17, 2012

Paul Sterling from the Umbraco HQ talks about a new project named Concorde, which is an...