CodeGarden 2011

CodeGarden 2011

CodeGarden '11 - Alexander Kjerulf aka The...

3,654 views June 20, 2011

Opening talk from CodeGarden '11 - Alexander Kjerulf on the four rules for a happy CodeGarden '11.

CodeGarden 2011

Multi Language websites in Umbraco

6,542 views June 27, 2011

Darren Ferguson talks about different methods of doing multilingual sites in Umbraco....

CodeGarden 2011

Umbraco V5 Panel

3,166 views June 20, 2011

Alex Norcliffe, Niels Hartvig, Shannon Deminick & Aaron Powell take a panel discussion on V5 of...

CodeGarden 2011

Moving Data from 4 to 5

3,128 views June 20, 2011

Niels Hartvig and Per Ploug talk about moving data from V4 to V5

CodeGarden 2011

Spicing Up Umbraco

2,695 views June 27, 2011

Adi Molina from Fox International talks about how they use Umbraco at Fox.

CodeGarden 2011

Data for a Connected World

2,524 views June 27, 2011

Elijah Glover talks about Microformats and oData with Umbraco

CodeGarden 2011

Did You Know?

2,829 views June 27, 2011

Doug Robar talks about a number of different useful things that you may not know about Umbraco.

CodeGarden 2011

The E-Commerce Showdown

3,372 views June 27, 2011

This session is showing three very different e-commerce solutions to show what options you have...

CodeGarden 2011

Azure & Umbraco

4,552 views June 27, 2011

Martin Beeby and Morten Christensen talk about using Umbraco with Microsoft's cloud platform Azure

CodeGarden 2011

Contour Strikes Again

1,891 views June 27, 2011

Tim Geyssens from the Umbraco HQ talks about the popular Umbraco form builder addon Contour.

CodeGarden 2011

Need for Speed

1,978 views June 27, 2011

Phil Winstanley talks about speed and performance testing with Umbraco

CodeGarden 2011

Team Development with Courier 2.0

4,667 views June 27, 2011

Per Ploug shows us how to use the deployment tool, Courier for Umbraco for teams.