CodeGarden 2015

CodeGarden 2015

Selling Umbraco

2,276 views June 11, 2015

We all have to “sell Umbraco”. The CMS itself might be free of charge, but convincing...

CodeGarden 2015

Marrying Umbraco and Node.js

1,850 views June 11, 2015

For Roskilde Festival we needed a great CMS, but with rapid horizontal scaling. TO solve this...

CodeGarden 2015

Custom editors and super speed with elastic

2,339 views June 11, 2015

Martin and Adam from Novicell will share from their bag of tricks of how to build large-scale...

CodeGarden 2015

Umbraco Load Balancing

2,499 views June 11, 2015

Load Balancing is a tough challenge, there are many different requirements, configurations and...

CodeGarden 2015

Securing Your Umbraco

2,030 views June 11, 2015

So you’ve built your lovely new Umbraco powered site and you’re ready to push it up onto your...